Beautiful, bespoke, curtains Beautiful, bespoke, curtains
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Whisper Sheer Blinds 5 100x100
Whisper Sheer Blinds 4 100x100
Whisper Sheer Blinds 3 100x100
Whisper Sheer Blinds 2 100x100
Whisper Sheer Blinds 1 100x100
Whisper Sheer 1 100x100
Whisper Sheer 6 100x100
Whisper Sheer 7 100x100
Whisper Sheer 4 100x100
Whisper Sheer 5 100x100

Whisper Sheer Shades are the perfect blend of style and functionality and combine all the advantages of Blinds and Curtains in one highly intelligent window covering. Enjoy privacy without darkness, and views without glare.


Constructed with a series of tilting fabric vanes suspended between two layers of sheer fabric, Whisper Sheer Shades allow for control over the degree of light and privacy. When the vanes are open, they beautifully filter the light and almost disappear, allowing a clear view to the outside. When closed, the blind provides privacy, without completely darkening the space. The sheer polyester fabric is luxurious and delicate in appearance, yet durable enough for everyday use. Its anti-static nature helps repel dirt and dust. The headrail can be colour coordinated to discreetly conceal the blind when fully raised.

Vanes are available in translucent and room-darkening fabrics, in a variety of on-trend colours, which can be chosen to match your décor. The headrail can be colour coordinated to discreetly conceal the blind when fully raised.

We install child safety devices on all products, without compromising on style or usability. For extra convenience and safety, you can automate your Whisper Sheer Shades, which allows you to have full control of your lighting and privacy, even from the comfort of your own bed.

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