Insider Style – The Hamptons Home

The Hamptons, part of the East end of Long Island in New York, The United States. We may not all have had the chance to visit, but we have all heard the name and seen it on our screens and know its distinctive charm and style. But what if you didn’t have to go to the Hamptons to feel the Hamptons? Check out how one Sydneysider built the home of her dreams – Hamptons Style!


The Journey to building a Hamptons Home

Ever wanted to bring a piece of the Hamptons back with you? How about styling your whole home the Hamptons way? Sydney homeowner Robyn Llewellyn has done just that and speaks to Lifestyle journalist Holly Byrne on her styling tips and how you can achieve the Hamptons look in your home! Take a look at the above video now to get a rundown on Robyn’s journey to creating her amazing home.


Styling Tips to achieve the Hamptons Look

Check out the above where Robyn gives us all her styling tips she used to achieve the Hamptons look for her home. From using mood boards to Instagram pages for inspiration, choosing her colour palette and what she wanted in her window furnishings, you are sure to find inspiration here.


How to: Styling with window furnishings

From choosing beautiful white sheers in the living room, to shutters, roller blinds and blockout curtains for the bedrooms, take a look at Robyn’s tips on styling your home with window furnishings. She also tells Lifestyle Journalist Holly Byrne on just at what point in your build you should start considering your window furnishings and when to do your Wynstan consultation!


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