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A little more sophisticated than everyday blinds, Roman Blinds add an extra layer of style to apartments and homes of all shapes and sizes. Roman Blinds have tailored fabric folds that always look elegant, even when drawn high. Batten Roman Blinds are Roman Blinds fitted with slim wooden strips along the horizontal joins of the fabric. Wynstan has a range of elegant, Roman Blinds in Sydney and Melbourne, making it the perfect place to find custom-fit blinds and drapery for your home.


Roman Blinds
Popular for their more formal, refined appearance, Roman Blinds fit closely to your window frame to minimise light leakage, making them a perfect choice for cosy bedrooms, as well as living and dining interiors. Roman Blinds are the blind you’re most likely to see in a luxury display home.
Select from dozens of inspiring colours, bold patterns and lush textures to create the right style for your home’s interiors. Blockout fabrics are ideal for bedroom hideaways and heavier materials can be used to add a sense of warmth and luxury.
Batten Roman Blinds
Timber battens add character and texture, and are available in different shades to complement existing design features in your home. The slim strips of wood fitted throughout the horizontal joins of the fabric, create an additional level of structure and contrast.
We favour low-allergenic and fire-retardant fabrics wherever possible. Both Roman Blinds and Batten Blinds are operated with cords and bead chain. We install child safety devices on all blinds to keep little ones safe.
For extra convenience and safety, why not automate your Roman Blinds? This allows for a greater level of accessibility and convenience when controlling your lighting and privacy.
Choosing the perfect look for your home is easy with Wynstan’s expert team. Book your free in-home consultation today and we’ll visit for a free measure and quote. Find out for yourself why Wynstan is considered one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of high-quality Roman Blinds in Sydney and Melbourne!

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