Retractable Automatic Awnings

Finding the ideal middle ground between style and practicality can be difficult when it comes to protecting your windows from the elements, especially in a climate as unpredictable as Australia’s. At Wynstan, our wide variety of durable Automatic Awnings are a stylish way to protect a home from the sun, increase your privacy and control the amount of light entering the home.

Automatic Awnings are hand-operated and fit closely to the window frame, with self-locking arms that slide along vertical rails. This makes them a stylish and unobtrusive addition to any home. With many different sizes available, Automatic Awnings can be fitted over windows and doors by one of our experienced team members, and can include a headbox to protect the roller mechanism. Wynstan offers a wide range of fabrics so there’s a solution for every home’s aesthetic. Available fabrics include acrylic, sunscreen and canvas varieties, all of which ensure both protection and longevity.

If you have COLORBOND® on your home’s exterior and you would like your fabrics to match, ask about our COLORBOND® matched range of fabrics.

Discovering the perfect look for your home is easy with our team of experts. Book your in-home consultation today and we’ll visit for a free measure and quote. Find out for yourself why Wynstan is considered one of the leading providers of Awnings in Sydney and Melbourne!