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Highly practical and versatile, Vertical Drapes (or Vertical Blinds) are perfect for sliding doors and windows – so you can coordinate fabrics throughout your home. Our range of Vertical Drapes can be fitted to most shapes and are available in three slat widths. Made of low-allergenic, fire-resistant fabrics, they are pet-friendly too!


A classic style of window furnishing, Vertical Drapes are popular because of their practicality and versatility. Suitable for both windows and doors, they allow you to create consistency throughout your home. Vertical drapes are available in three slat widths, and fabrics range from blockout to light filtering. Wynstan’s three-weight program allows you to choose between weights and chain, special weights or sewn in weights.

With dozens of shades, lengths, varying widths, patterns and textures available to choose from, Vertical Drapes offer effective light control for every room. Blockout fabrics are ideal for bedrooms while our light-filtering fabrics are more suited to living areas, adding a level of sophistication and elegance. The drape tracks are colour-coordinated to match your chosen fabric and you can further customise your Vertical Drapes with an insert fabric for the holding strip, or a fashionable pelmet.

Bead chains are a popular option to keep drapes perfectly aligned or pocket weights can be sewn into each drape, leaving no chains to be tangled. Vertical Drapes are perfect for commercial or rental properties as well as families with pets; single drapes are easily replaced if damage occurs. Low-allergenic and fire-retardant fabrics are used wherever possible. Vertical Drapes are easily operated by cord, chain or wand control, and we install child safety devices on all blinds to keep little ones safe.

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