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Melbourne born and raised Olympic Gold Swimmer Mack Horton is fast becoming a household name. Having won Gold in the 2016 Rio Olympics, Mack knows all too well the time, commitment and perseverance it takes to train at a professional  level. How does he do it? Mack sticks to a intense training schedule, involving 5:30am wake ups, a pool session, gym session, physio, followed by another pool session with a nap in between before an early bed time of 9:30pm. Mack knows just how much of an impact sleep has on his performance and as he needs to be able to sleep during the day, he had to find a product to allow for him to have the best sleep possible. Enter Wynstan!

It’s now time for Mack to have a Siesta Fiesta with our Siesta Blind System!

The perfect sleep starts with a dark space and our Siesta Blind System is the number one choice for blocking external light, day or night. A popular option for shift workers requiring a dark space to sleep during the day, nurseries and even media or AV rooms. Plus, with our wide range of fabrics available you will be sure to find one to suit the décor of your home.

When down, the Siesta Blind System ensures ultimate privacy by blocking light from entering the room with its unique channel and headbox system.

Now, Mack is able to have a dark room in the middle of the day, allowing him to get an optimal sleep and straight back into training. Wynstan is proud to be part of Mack’s training and wish him all the very best!

“[Wynstan] explained to me [the Siesta] blinds blockout all the sun and my room could be pitch black in the middle of the day, this a no brainer for us as I am napping during the day between training” - Mack Horton

Learn about Australia’s very own Olympic Gold Swimmer, Mack Horton’s training routine, his secret hidden talent and how he continues to train and an Olympic level, with the help of Wynstan, in the video below!


Mack has our Siesta Blind System in Le Reve Crystal

Roller Blinds in M-Screen Charcoal Lotus 

Do you know how important sleep is for peak performance? Well, who better to ask than Australian Olympic Gold Swimmer Mack Horton?! Take a dive into Mack’s sleep routine for peak performance, & find out how important having the right window furnishings can be to achieve it!


Mack has our Siesta Blind System in Le Reve Crystal

Roller Blinds in M-Screen Charcoal Lotus 

Check out the below to learn more about Mack’s experiences at the last Olympics at Rio in 2016, his current training routine and how he incorporates rest as part of his regime. 


"I choose Wynstan because they are a great Australian business, owned by the same family for the last 53 years and they employ 450 people in Australia which is great when so many things are going overseas these days." - Mack Horton


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