Nsw swifts fan day 2017

Nsw swifts fan day 2017

As a sponsor of NSW Swifts, we were invited to activate our brand at their annual fan day in the Genea Netball Centre in Olympic Park, Sydney. We took a team of about eight staff to hand our promotional items and get the fans engaged in our social media competition to win one of 5 Wynstan Netballs – signed by the whole NSW Swifts team. The fans who could win the netballs if they were one of the first 5 people to get 100+ likes of their photo, in a Wynstan picture frame, on Facebook. For the small number of fans that showed up on the day we had an overwhelming positive response with lots of the fans getting on board and clocking up the likes on Facebook. Most of our fans gained at least 25 likes and a few made the magic mark of 100+.

On the day, we had members from the marketing, showroom and sales team to hand out promotional items to fans and their families, but the more we met and spoke with the fans the more varied our stories became. Some fans were over the moon with their products and the installation team, while one lady was just impressed with her consultant; “oh… what’s his name? Umm… he was so nice and funny too… ahh, umm.. Ronnie? Oh yes Ronnie – what a star!” For the fans who had less favourable experiences we were able to get feedback and talk through some of the difficulties or hurdles that they faced. The upshot was that we were able to steer the conversation towards cleaning tips and maintenance of the products they have – even softening the blow with a promise to send out our Wynstan cleaning glove and other little odds and ends they needed for their home.

Overall it was a great day and our team had a lot of fun, all of whom expressed their interest in being involved in future brand activations. If you are a sports fan, or even just interested in being out amongst the crowds promoting Wynstan let us know and we will keep you informed of all our upcoming events. There is nothing more valuable than having people from our team on the ground to field questions and take down the details of past and future customers.

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