Space Invaders – Episode 3

Kashmira and Siddarth’s newly renovated kitchen features Wynstan’s classic Roller Blind and the beautiful and versatile Veri Shades® to separate the indoors and outdoor spaces.

Kashmira and Siddarth seem to have the perfect family home, but underneath the surface they have a problem with clutter.


The third episode in Channel 9’s new TV show, Space Invaders, comes with a few surprises. The clutter is not obvious at all when Peter Walsh, Cherie Barber and Lucas Callaghan first visit the home of Kashmira and Siddarth.

When the team uncovers Kash’s hidden purchases, they discover that the couple has a lot of things they don’t really need – 105 boxes full, in fact.

The project

Reno queen Cherie updates the kitchen, which is a rather startling shade of red, and transforming it into a modern cooking hub for Kash and her family.

She talks to Wynstan about the best way to connect the kitchen to the outdoor patio space, choosing a classic Roller Blind for the large kitchen window and the beautiful and versatile Veri Shades® for the doors separating the indoors and outdoor spaces.

Elegant and understated, the curved fabric vanes of Veri Shades® contain a unique design that has the functionality of a blind and the privacy of a curtain. With the turn of a wand you can control or adjust light levels, depending on the position of the sun, or privacy you need. 

You can even walk through the individual fabric vanes, making them perfect for situations where you want a free-flowing connection between indoors and out.


Roller Blind: M Screen White White

Veri Shade: Standard Soft White

The final result

On returning to her newly renovated kitchen, Kashmira is rendered speechless by the transformation. The old cupboards are replaced by a crisp white palette and beautiful Roller Blinds from Wynstan.

“It has been a great journey,” she says. “But the end of the journey is the best part. It is just gorgeous.”


Y wait?

Want a more modern look? Connect your indoor spaces with outdoors? Contact Wynstan now

Space Invaders

Channel Nine launched their newest lifestyle reality show, Space Invaders. Renovation queen Cherie Barber, declutter guru Peter Walsh and treasure hunter Lucas Callaghan embark on a journey to declutter the homes of Aussie Families and ultimately transform their lives! Wynstan is a proud sponsor for all window furnishings on Space Invaders, explore the incredible before and after shots below!

Check back weekly for tips and tricks, before and afters as well as all the products featured in each episode!

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