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5 top tips for choosing interior plantation shutters

5 top tips for choosing interior plantation shutters

Since your home is your personal oasis and the one place where you can completely be yourself, it’s important that you feel comfortable and content in your immediate surroundings. You want your décor choices to reflect your personality.

If you are considering interior plantation shutters as your main window covering, you may want to consider the following tips for choosing them – knowing how to choose plantation shutters for your home.

1. Consider Your Window Sizes.

Figuring out how to choose plantation shutters is all about figuring out whether your windows will be the perfect match. Although suitable for any room in your home, you do need to check that standard interior plantation shutters will fit your windows; if you choose to avoid using custom interior plantation shutters. Since there are various sizes available, you would need to know the exact size of your windows before making a purchase.

2. Do They Fit Your Style?

Interior plantation shutters can give off a very chic, modern look. You need to ensure that your interior plantation shutters actually fit your style and décor choices as a simple window covering can change the whole look of a room. However, you can never go wrong with white indoor plantation shutters for a homey look and comfortable feel.

3. Opt For White If Unsure Of The Colour.

With various colours available to choose from, it can be quite daunting if you’re unsure of how the end result will look. Which is why choosing white for your interior plantation shutters will be the best option. Remember, you can always easily change the colour if white becomes boring – adding a new colour scheme to the room with a simple window shutter colour change.

4. Is The Louvre Size Fitting?

The size of the louvres will depend on the style and overall look. However, according to Houzz, “The 2 1/2 inch louvre is more traditional and is a great choice for average size rooms with normal ceiling heights. If you have huge rooms with soaring ceilings, the 3 1/2 inch louvre may be a better fit.”

Bonus Tip: Have Them Custom Made.

There’s nothing better than custom-made indoor plantation shutters – receiving peace of mind that your window coverings will fit perfect without a slight mistake. At the end of the day, custom-made is the way to go – especially if your sizes vary and you’d like to maintain a consistent look throughout the whole house.

Opt for interior plantation shutters in Melbourne in order to improve the overall look of your home’s interior; without breaking the bank and blowing your budget.

When choosing indoor plantation shutters, always go with what makes you happy since you’ll need to look at them on a daily basis. However, take practicality and style into consideration in order to make the most out of your window coverings. Book your free in-home consultation and we’ll visit for a free measure and quote.


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