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Aluminium Shutter 2 650x443Aluminium Shutter 3 650x443Aluminium Shutter 4 650x443Aluminium Shutter 5 650x443Aluminium Shutter 6 650x443Aluminium Shutter 7 650x443Aluminium Shutter 8 650x443
Aluminium Shutter Blinds 100x100
Aluminium Shutter 2 100x100
Aluminium Shutter 3 100x100
Aluminium Shutter 4 100x100
Aluminium Shutter 5 100x100
Aluminium Shutter 6 100x100
Aluminium Shutter 7 100x100
Aluminium Shutter 8 100x100

Aluminium Shutters are a beautiful, considered outdoor product for your home. Create a neat dividing wall in your yard or have them installed as privacy screens around your home. Whatever you choose to do, there are lots of clever ways to utilise these shutters around your home.


Often considered a key item to complete and enhance any outdoor living space, aluminium outdoor shutter blinds are strong and durable; ensuring that your shutters will stay in excellent condition for longer. Aluminium shutters are the ideal solution for the outdoors.
Your custom Wynstan Aluminium Shutters will stand the test of time, with quality materials selected for style and strength. Our shutters are constructed from T5 Aluminium, which is commonly used in the aviation industry. This, coupled with the addition of a high UV powder coated finish, means that Wynstan’s aluminium shutters are designed for maximum longevity even under the harshest of conditions.
Quality installation is assured with our specialist team, and peace of mind with our Wynstan Warranty. With over 40-years of experience providing Australian families with high-quality blinds, drapery and shutters, you can be sure that your installation is being handled by experienced experts.
Discovering the perfect look for your home is easy with Wynstan’s expert team. Book your free in-home consultation today and we’ll visit for a free measure and quote. Find out for yourself why Wynstan is considered one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of high-quality shutters in Sydney and Melbourne!

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