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Crimsafe Grilles 1 100x100
Crimsafe Grilles 2 100x100
Crimsafe Grilles 3 100x100
Crimsafe Grilles 4 100x100
Crimsafe Grilles 5 100x100
Crimsafe Grilles 6 100x100
Crimsafe Grilles 7 100x100
Crimsafe Grilles 8 100x100

Ensure your home is protected with Crimsafe security grilles. Crimsafe Security Grilles feature Crimsafe Tensile-Tuff® Security Mesh, which is made of 304 Grade Stainless Steel, making the grilles more than 4 times stronger than Australian Standard. This has a significant impact on strength, making Crimsafe mesh much stronger than other meshes and ensuring it cannot be cut, kicked in or pried loose, which in-turn allows for a greater level of security for your home.


Crimsafe keeps intruders out, while the mesh also allows airflow into your home and keeps pesky bugs and mosquitoes out! Coated with corrosion-resistant additives, Crimsafe mesh is easily cleaned and has a lifespan of approximately 65 years, making them an investment in longevity.
Crimsafe Security Doors also feature Crimsafe’s unique Screw Clamp System. Unlike other products where the mesh is merely glued or wedged into the frame, Crimsafe sandwiches the mesh between two serrated pieces of aluminium and then screws the mesh into place. This method results in a strong, vice-like grip which has a much stronger resistance to force than many other competing products. The Tensile Tuff Security Mesh and Screw Clamp System work together to provide incredible strength and eliminate the need for unsightly bars, ensuring your home’s curb appeal is not compromised.
Crimsafe Grilles also offer superior heat control. When a Crimsafe Grille is applied over the whole area of a single glazed window, it will improve the window’s ‘Solar Heat Gain Coefficient’ by up to 53%. Crimsafe Security Grilles are custom manufactured to perfectly fit your window, ensuring a clean finish and superior protection.

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