Wynmotion Remotes

A single-channel remote can control from one to 15 products simultaneously. The limitation of course is that all of those products are linked. This option is ideal when you only have one product you want to control, especially if it is your only outdoor awning.

The 5-channel remote has a timer that allows you to pre-set the opening and closing times of your motorised products. Wake up to the sun shining through your windows, rather than fumbling around in the dark for your alarm’s snooze button! This function is also fantastic for shift-workers who need complete blockout at specific times of the day or night.

Our 15-channel remote allows you to control the motorised products around your home individually or as a group, this remote enables you to simply by switch from one channel to another without having to move around the house to each blind or awning.

Each Wynmotion remote can control any type of Wynmotion motor, with a range of around 200m outdoors and 30m indoors.