Wynmotion Smart Home System

The Wynmotion app is designed and developed to integrate your automated Wynstan products to the Wynmotion Smart Home System. The app provides a greater level of luxury, and time-saving features, that can be controlled from your smartphone.

The Wynmotion app has features that enable you to control lots of different rooms in your home at once. From single blinds to shifting your entire house into different scenes so that the mood is just right, the Wynmotion Smart Home System can help you do it all. For example, the app can be utilised to set your theatre room to movie mode, while the kitchen and bedrooms remain in full daylight. You might even have different modes for sunny days and rainy days – the power to do what you want, when you want and at the touch of a button, is yours!

These seemingly endless possibilities come with the peace of mind that one of our highly-skilled technicians will come and install the Wynmotion Smart Home System for you. They will then run you through the full operation of your new Smartphone app. The app is simple to operate and comes with a full set of instructions.