The timeless and practical elegance of plantation shutters

The timeless and practical elegance of plantation shutters

If you’re really looking to add the wow factor to your home, then plantation shutters are one of the most eye-catching features out there. Plantation shutters work incredibly well all year round in any type of weather. A centuries-old design staple, today plantation shutters are just as popular as ever thanks to their stylishness and practical benefits.

The history of plantation shutters

The name plantation shutters originated from the cotton plantations in the south of America, but the first versions actually date back centuries. It’s thought these shutters were most likely originally made from marble in Greece, and later from wood elsewhere in Europe.

At this point the introduction of a movable louvre was added due to shutters being lighter in weight. The shutters later became wildly popular in the Americas after the colonisation by Europeans who brought over the style with them. Their appeal then spread to the rest of the world including Australia where they are a firm favourite.

How plantation shutters add to your home’s decor

“Plantation shutters are simply a great way to turn an ordinary window space into a signature feature,” says interiors expert, and 2018 The Block winner, Sara Vale from Vale Group. “It’s one of those really interesting features which can look either old world, or else very modern depending on the application”.

They’re often favourites in period homes thanks to their traditional elegance. They also suit coastal homes really well due to their clean, straight lines and signature colours of white, blue and grey.

For outdoors, aluminum shutters are great as the metal is light weight and durable. They can be powder coated to any colour and it’s quite easy to customise as no outdoor area is ever the same.

Practical advantages

The popularity of these shutters endures today thanks largely to their practicality. Plantation shutters are durable and low maintenance allowing for air movement, light control, security and privacy. Easy to clean, they can be angled to keep light off furniture, minimizing fading. Their insulating properties also make them a good investment, as they can help to keep heat out in summer and in during the winter.

Different types of plantation shutters – internal

Fauxwood Shutters: Have the appearance of real timber, but with superior moisture tolerance, especially when compared with most traditional alternatives. This makes them easy to clean, and suitable for wet areas such as bathrooms. These shutters come in a variety of painted colours.

Hardwood Shutters: Made using a quality timber for durability and longevity. Hardwood Shutters come in classic white as well as stained timber colours and are popular for their affordability.

Basswood Shutters: An increasingly popular timber shutter option due to being made from a lightweight hardwood. They are crafted from the finest Basswood timber, available in a variety of painted and stained colours, and are a highly durable option for any window shutter.

Cedarwood Luxury Timber Shutters: These are softer timber shutters, suitable for large size windows. These low maintenance shutters are lightweight and come in a variety of painted and stained colours.

Aluminum Shutters: The ultimate in heavy weight shutters. Not only are they the toughest shutters on the market, but they are perfect for large windows and are waterproof, making them easy to maintain.

Different types of plantation shutters – external

Aluminum Outdoor Shutters: Provide understated style and sophistication as well as practicality. Strong and hardy, they also have a high UV powder-coated finish.

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