Child Safety

Safety in the home is paramount to any home owner or occupier, but one aspect of home safety that is frequently overlooked is corded window coverings. Corded window coverings can be a real danger for all people within your home, especially children.

Being a child is a great time in life but as we all know, their curiosity will get them into all sorts of situations. Unfortunately, some
of these situations have the possibility of being very serious. Steps need to be taken in order to reduce the threat to children from corded window coverings.

At Wynstan we take child safety very seriously. We are a family business, we have children of our own, and child safety is paramount to us in the design of our products. Please pay particular attention to the information provided in this guide as it contains a number of tips to keep your children safe within your home.

Browse some of our top picks including cord-free options like shutters, Verishades and curtains or why not have Wynmotion and motorise your furnishings removing the cords completely!

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  • Siesta blind system.

    Siesta Blind System

    The perfect sleep starts with a dark space and our Siesta Blind System is the number one choice for blocking external light day or night.

  • Pair blockout roller blinds with sheer curtains.

    Roller Blinds

    Sleek and modern (just like us!), Roller Blinds are easy to install and will transform your home into the elegant haven you have always known it could be.

  • Beautiful Plantation Shutter by Wynstan.


    Shutters are the classic choice to elevate a room, bringing a perfect blend of functionality and everlasting style to your home. With a wide variety of materials and colours to choose from, there’s a shutter for every space.

  • Double Curtains with Emery Ash Block Out, Southport (Sheer) Ice & Wynmotion.


    Soft and subtle, frame your windows in style with our new range of Curtains! With over 100 curtain fabric options available, our range will suit all interiors and budgets.

  • Wynstan roman blinds.

    Roman Blinds

    Favoured by interior designers for their lines, elegance and range of patterns and textures, Roman Blinds offer privacy and sun protection without fussy detailing – an Instagram worthy choice.

  • Beautiful, elegant veri-shades.

    Veri Shades®

    Are they a blind or a curtain? They’re both! Wynstan’s Veri Shades® have a unique design offering the elegance and functionality of a blind with the privacy of a curtain.

  • Panel glide blinds from wynstan give your home an elevated look.

    Panel Glides

    Panel Glides add a contemporary look while functioning as blinds or elegant room dividers. They provide a crisp, minimalist aesthetic that fits perfectly with any décor.

  • Venetian Blinds

    Our Venetian Blinds are the tidy and classic choice for any room. They deliver on privacy, style and ease of use and are available in both Timber and Aluminum to suite your needs and taste.

  • Wynstan vision blinds gives you spectacular light and privacy control.

    Vision Blinds

    Our eye-catching Vision blinds allow you an enormous level of control over your lighting and privacy, and will quickly become a stylish centrepiece of your home.

  • Wynstan Vertical Blinds.

    Vertical Blinds

    A time-honoured form of window dressing, Vertical Blinds work with both sliding doors and windows and can be custom fit to various shapes and sizes.