As this season of House Rules: High Stakes comes to an end – in a spectacular (and emotional) grand finale – it was wonderful to see the remaining teams band together to create a special renovation for a deserving cause.

Wynstan was proud to be part of this worthwhile and heart-warming final project, which involved building and renovating a ‘tiny house’ for a man who has suffered health issues and wants to get his life back on track.

Showcasing the potential of tiny houses to create affordable housing, the project worked with a local community organisation that assists homeless people.

The four remaining teams – Laith and George; Kayne and Aimee; Tamara and Rhys; and Kimmy and Rhi – headed out to Penrith in Sydney’s western suburbs for the project where they were given four days to create the house (from a basic steel shell) and vie for the $100,000 prize money.

With such a small footprint, the teams were careful to make sure that every square metre of the house was utilised, creating inspiring interiors that were also practical. It also meant that window dressings needed to be carefully chosen not to overwhelm the spaces in the petite home.

Best mates Laith and George tackled the bathroom, choosing Wynstan’s classic roller blinds as a practical solution, while plumbers Kayne and Aimee chose the beautifully subtle Veri Shades for the entry.

Wynstan’s elegant Roman Blinds were the window dressing of choice for Tassie twins Kimmy and Rhi in the bedroom, as well as in the living area, designed by Queensland duo Tamara and Rhys.

Wallpaper featured strongly throughout the space, with the teams asked to include the range designed by House Rules judge, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. True to Laurence’s colourful personality (and wardrobe), the highly decorative wallpaper designs could have been overpowering in such a small space, so needed careful handling to make sure the window dressings didn’t clash.

The stylish and understated Wynstan products used throughout the house complemented the wallpaper, allowing Laurence’s designs to shine and be the hero.

The whole project had the teams emotional, especially when they met Lionel, who will be living in the completed home.

“What a great chance to be part of helping someone’s life,” said Kayne.

All in all, it was a life-changing end of the series for all the teams, resulting in a win for Kimmy & Rhi, who take home the coveted $100,000 – plus a whole lot of memories.

House Rules for Penrith House

  1. Be house proud and create a zen-inspired retreat
  2. Make sure small is perfectly formed
  3. Decorate with life’s stylish necessities
  4. Be sustainable, natural and neutral
  5. Be cheeky with the use of LLB’s wallpaper

How to design a tiny house

  1. Look at built-in options whenever possible to save on space. European laundries (where the appliances are hidden away in a cupboard) are just one great solution
  2. Choose high ceilings – they will make the space feel more generous and allow the eye to move upwards
  3. Mirrors can give the appearance of more room and will allow the light to bounce around the room more effectively
  4. Have as much open-space living as possible, with perhaps a living/kitchen/dining room as one generous space
  5. Choose light, neutral tones to allow as much light in the house

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