Space Invaders – Episode 2

Single mum Liza and son Fletcher have their home office transformed with the help of Wynstan’s Roller Blinds made from open-weave fabric – a perfect balance of privacy and light diffusion.

Single mum Liza and her 15-year-old son Fletcher are struggling to keep up with the chaos of everyday life.

At Wynstan, we understand the demands of busy everyday life. As a family-owned-and-run business, we get it! We have embraced the opportunity to help the experts from Channel 9’s new TV show, Space Invaders turn homes into uncluttered spaces where stressed-out families can relax and enjoy each other’s company. Indeed, this is what we pride ourselves on.

Our extensive range of fabrics, textures and patterns in our Roller Blinds means that you can choose the interior design equivalent of a little black dress, or you can be adventurous in your choices. Looking for a Palm Springs aesthetic with a touch of bling and glamour? We can help! Want a Hamptons look? We can do that too! We also offer a variety of bottom rails and trims to top off your look for a coordinated and sleeker finish.

Control your blinds or awnings with the touch of a button. Wynstan’s new Smart Home System Wynmotion is a relatively affordable way to automate your products. With a system that connects to your home’s Wi-Fi and Smartphone app, you can operate the blinds and awnings around your home.

Cherie opted for Roller Blinds in Bells Ivory.

“Keeping sorted and more organised won’t be an overwhelming task any more.”

Liza and Fletch’s story
Admin assistant Liza and her 15-year-old son Fletcher are drowning in a sea of mess. Liza works from home and trying to combine family demands along with a busy business can be challenging, especially in a small space.

The project
Liza and Fletch’s home is a rental, a character-filled Californian bungalow needing “a bit of love”, says design guru Cherie Barber.

While the house includes lots of charming heritage details such as picture rails, decorative high ceilings and beautiful timbers, it’s all hidden by the clutter.

Cherie turns the dining room (with the help of Wynstan) into a proper entertaining space, combined with a home office for Liza and Fletch.

Because the area doubles as a workspace during the day, Cherie chooses Roller Blinds made from open-weave fabric, which will provide privacy from the street, while still allowing light through to allow Liza to work easily.

But it’s not just about good looks. Wynstan uses low-allergenic, fire-retardant fabrics in our Roller Blinds, which will ensure that the couple’s window blinds are safe as well as beautiful.

Fletch’s room
Cherie also gets stuck into Fletcher’s bedroom, painting his bookshelves and desk and updating the windows with more budget-friendly Roller Blinds courtesy of Wynstan – same as the office/dining room.

The final result

Returning to their renovated, light-filled and tidier home, the mother and son can’t hide their smiles as they look around at the transformation.

“I feel just lighter,” says a clearly more relaxed Liza. “Keeping sorted and more organised won’t be an overwhelming task any more.”

Did you know you can Motorise your Blinds?

Space Invaders

Y wait?

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Space Invaders

Channel 9’s TV show shares stories about people, homes and memories. Expert team, Peter Walsh, Cherie Barber and Lucas Callaghan help out families who have lost their way in terms of clutter, turning their homes back into well-designed, mess-free spaces where new memories can be formed. Clutter guru Peter brings back order, reno queen Cherie renovates the space (with the help of Wynstan) and treasure hunter Lucas makes sure nothing valuable is lost in the process.

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