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the edit with editor Botanical Collection

We have teamed up with Magazine Editors from Real Living, House & Garden and Inside Out to curate our new fabric collection – The Edit!
This collection contains bold prints, whimsical botanicals and fun kids fabrics – some even glow in the dark!

Louvolite Magnolia Rosa a 2
Magnolia Rosa
Louvolite Magnolia Pipin a
Magnolia Pipin
Louvolite Magnolia Inky a
Magnolia Inky
Louvolite Willow Brazen Yellow a 2
Willow Brazen Yellow
Louvolite Willow Morning Mist a
Willow Morning Mist
Louvolite Willow Birch a
Willow Birch White
Louvolite Cherry Blossom Geisha a
Cherry Blossom Geisha
Louvolite Cherry Blossom Kimono a
Cherry Blossom Kimono
Louvolite Cherry Blossom Serenity a
Cherry Blossom Serenity
Louvolite Wildflower Canary a
Wildflower Canary
Louvolite Wildflower Juniper a
Wildflower Juniper
Louvolite Wildflower Porcelain a
Wildflower Porcelain
Louvolite Woodland Silver Birch a 2
Woodland Silver Birch
Louvolite collina champagne fizz  a
Collina Champagne Fizz
Louvolite collina antique gold  a
Collina Antique Gold
Louvolite collina diamond dust  a
Collina Diamond Dust
Louvolite collina lily pad  a
Collina Lily Pad
Louvolite Palm Leaf a 2
Palm Leaf
Louvolite Meadow Lark a
Meadow Lark
Louvolite Meadow Dove a
Meadow Dove
Louvolite Meadow Nightingale a
Meadow Nightingale
Louvolite collina moonlight mink  a
Collina Moonlight Mink

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