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Botanical themes are an emerging trend in interior design right now. Here at Wynstan, we always stay on top of the latest trends in window coverings, which is why we have introduced our new Botanical Collection, in conjunction with the Editors of Australia’s top interior design Magazines, Real Living, House & Garden and Inside Out. This Botanical Collection of fabrics spans various colours and styles, both bold and muted. Patterns range from Japanese inspired Cherry Blossoms, sophisticated Magnolia blooms, and even bright Banana Leaf Prints.

Woodland Silver Birch
Louvolite Woodland Silver Birch a 2
Woodland Silver Birch
Louvolite Magnolia Pipin a
Magnolia Pipin
Louvolite Magnolia Inky a
Magnolia Inky
Louvolite Cherry Blossom Serenity a
Cherry Blossom Serenity
Louvolite Willow Morning Mist a
Willow Morning Mist
Louvolite Willow Birch a
Willow Birch White
Louvolite Cherry Blossom Geisha a
Cherry Blossom Geisha
Louvolite Cherry Blossom Kimono a
Cherry Blossom Kimono
Louvolite Willow Brazen Yellow a 2
Willow Brazen Yellow
Willow Brazen Yellow
Louvolite Wildflower Canary a
Wildflower Canary
Louvolite Wildflower Juniper a
Wildflower Juniper
Louvolite Wildflower Porcelain a
Wildflower Porcelain
Louvolite Magnolia Rosa a 2
Magnolia Rosa
Magnolia Rosa
Louvolite collina champagne fizz  a
Collina Champagne Fizz
Louvolite collina antique gold  a
Collina Antique Gold
Louvolite collina diamond dust  a
Collina Diamond Dust
Louvolite collina lily pad  a
Collina Lily Pad

Louvolite Meadow Lark a
Meadow Lark
Louvolite Meadow Dove a
Meadow Dove
Louvolite Palm Leaf a 2
Palm Leaf
Palm Leaf
Louvolite Meadow Nightingale a
Meadow Nightingale
Louvolite collina moonlight mink  a
Collina Moonlight Mink

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