Prints and Textures

Adding bold print or textures is a great way to transform a space, and one of the latest trends we’re seeing in interior design is people being bold with patterns and textures. Our range has it all, from monochrome sketch patterns, to neutral textured fabric. It’s all about having fun, and decorating in a way that’s truly you!

Inky Charcoal
Inky Charcoal
Fruity Zest
Fruity Pastel
Fruity Juice
Preto Black
Preto Black
Ayana White
Coral White
Flutter White
Sketch Noir
Sketch Noir
Chatsworth White
Chatsworth Cream
Chatsworth Black
Shot Silk Portobello
Como Ocra
Shot Silk Minera
Shot Silk Ivory
Shot Silk Champagne
Shot Silk Moonstone
Shot Silk Pannacotta
Como Lago
Como Alba

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