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Motorised blinds – luxury we can all afford

Motorised blinds – luxury we can all afford

In this day and age, many of the tasks we once completed physically are now mechanised. We have come to rely heavily on remote controls and even our phones as tools to make our lives more effortless. Nearly everything that we interact with on a regular basis, whether it be our kitchen appliances, mobile devices, cars or even blinds, now has the capability to be programmed and automated for our convenience.


That’s right– motorised blinds do exist, as you may have noticed when browsing our wynmotion product range. Installing motorised blinds in your home brings a sense of modern luxury as well as added comfort. That being said, many people assume that motorised blinds are an indulgence that only some can afford.


The truth is, motorised blinds are not quite as out-of-reach as you may think. They can actually suit all sorts of budgets if you source them from the right retailer.


Our Motorised Products


At Wynstan, we have an assortment of motorised blinds and accessories available at very affordable rates. All elements fall within our Wynmotion line, and include the following products:


  • Motors: Our motors are available for both blinds and awnings to quietly and efficiently operate your window coverings
  • Smart Home System: This smartphone app lets you control your blinds right from your mobile device
  • Remotes: Controls for your Wynstan blinds and awnings
  • Sensors: Smart software that knows when to open or close your blinds according to changing weather conditions


Why Invest in Motorised Blinds?


Although the motorised blind and awning options at Wynstan are affordable, they still require more capital than it would take to stick with the blinds you have currently. That being said, the benefit that they provide makes them a worthwhile investment for years to come. Not only can automated window fixtures add convenience to your life, but it can also save you money in the long run.


  • Energy Saving: For one, motorised blinds can help you cut down on your energy bills, as they allow you to easily adjust how much light and air you allow into your home. If you want to keep the house cool without using air conditioning, simply close your blinds or extend your awning at the touch of a button. Alternatively, if you want to warm the room up, you can easily open the blinds again when needed to allow extra sunlight in.


  • Sun Protection: If you pair your blinds with a weather sensor, you can protect your home from extreme temperature variations. Not only can this cause energy bills to spike, but it may also lead to interior sun damage. Automated exterior awnings can protect your home from intense rain or other weather conditions that are likely to cause damage or deterioration as well.


  • Privacy: You can even set up your blinds to close automatically once the sun goes down, which gives you an added level of privacy and security(as it’s easier to see inside when it’s dark outside). Automated blinds may also help protect you from theft or intrusion. If you want to give the appearance of someone being home when you’re away, you can put your blinds on a timer or open and close them from your smartphone app.


Who Can Benefit From Blind Automation?


Our range of Wynmotion products are ideal for people who have mobility issues, such as those who are elderly or disabled. They are also easy for children to use. For anyone who does not have the physical capacity to open and close blinds and awnings on their own, our motorised options are a highly valuable asset.


That being said, even if you have the physical capability to operate your blinds by hand, the energy-saving, protection and privacy aspects provide unfaltering advantages. Additionally, they add a level of convenience and luxury to your home that cannot be disputed.


For all these reasons and more, our collection of competitively-priced Wynmotion motors and accessories are a luxury that all can benefit from. When paired with any of our affordable yet high-quality window coverings, you are guaranteed a comfortable home environment and convenient light control options.


To learn more about our prices for the supply and installation of any Wynmotion products, feel free to reach out to our friendly team any day of the week to arrange a free in home consultation.

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