Space Invaders – Episode 4

Busy and bubbly administration assistant Jaime has a brand new look for her apartment, now light-filled and able to be controlled at the touch of a button thanks to Wynstan’s motorised Roller Blinds.

Life-of-the-party Jaime loves shopping, but her purchases are now threatening to overtake her life – and her apartment.

Our extensive range of fabrics, textures and patterns for Roller Blinds means that you can choose the interior design equivalent of a little black dress, or you can be adventurous in your choices. Looking for a Palm Springs aesthetic with a touch of bling and glamour? We can help! Want a Hamptons look? We can do that too! We also offer a variety of bottom rails and trims to top off your look for a coordinated and sleeker finish.

Control your blinds or awnings with the touch of a button. Wynstan’s new Smart Home System Wynmotion is a relatively affordable way to automate your products. With a system that connects to your home’s Wi-Fi and Smartphone app, you can operate the blinds and awnings around your home.

Cherie chose the Roller Blinds in Preto Black with Wynmotion Motorisation.

“I never opened those blinds before. That’s going to make a massive difference.”


Jaime’s story

When the expert team of clutter guru Peter Walsh, reno queen Cherie Barber and treasure hunter Lucas Callaghan visit Jaime’s modern inner city apartment – all they can see is floor-to-ceiling mess.

Bubbly Jaime loves to entertain her friends at her one-bedroom loft apartment in Sydney’s inner west, but there’s mess everywhere, says best friend Naomi, and it can be overwhelming.

The project

First up, Cherie replaces the cracked glass splashback in the kitchen with modern marble-look tiles laid in a herringbone pattern.

Blessed with lots of natural light, the double-storey loft apartment features a series of high windows fitted with manually operated roller blinds – out of reach of Jaime. This means the blinds are never adjusted and are in a sad cream colour, not at all suited to an ultra-modern apartment.

Cherie works with Wynstan’s expert team to choose an exciting new blind design, deciding on a monochromatic herringbone pattern for the Roller Blinds – the Petro in Black – to complement the new kitchen tiles in the open-plan space.

The final result

Returning to her newly organised and renovated home, Jaime can’t believe the transformation that Cherie has brought.

“You are a magical goddess – thank you so much,” she tells Cherie.

She is thrilled with her new Wynstan Roman Blinds installed on the highline windows, now with automation, so she can control them at the touch of a button.

“I can see the sky!” she says, looking up. “I never opened those blinds before. That’s going to make a massive difference.”

Like what you see? Motorise your blinds today!

Y wait?

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Space Invaders

Channel Nine launched their lifestyle reality show Space Invaders where Renovation queen Cherie Barber, declutter guru Peter Walsh and treasure hunter Lucas Callaghan embark on a journey to declutter the homes of Aussie Families and ultimately transform their lives! Wynstan is a proud sponsor for all window furnishings on Space Invaders, explore the incredible before and after shots in the series!

Check back weekly for tips and tricks, before and afters as well as all the products featured in each episode!

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