Space Invaders – Episode 7

Wynstan’s soft and subtle Veri Shades and Vision Blinds are the perfect choice to help transform Bill and Fiona’s dated 1960s bungalow into a light-filled modern family home.

For widower Bill and his daughter Fiona, it’s time to let go of the past and welcome in a new, uncluttered future

The seventh episode in Channel 9’s new TV show, Space Invaders, comes with a bucketload of tears. The expert team of clutter guru Peter Walsh, reno queen Cherie Barber and treasure hunter Lucas Callaghan needed to show sensitivity and care while renovating the home of widower Bill and his daughter Fiona.

Allowing this family to grieve and move on after the death of beloved wife and mother Beverley is at times terribly sad, but ultimately uplifting.

These beautiful curved fabric vanes contain a unique patented design that provides the elegance and functionality of a blind and the privacy of a curtain. With the turn of a wand you can easily adjust the Veri Shades® to control and adjust light levels, depending on the position of the sun, or privacy required.

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Cherie opted for Veri Shade in Mist Grey.

“It’s beautiful; so soft and warm. We will want to spend more time together inside now.”

Bill and Fiona’s story

Widower Bill lives in his family home of 50 years with his youngest daughter Fiona and her daughter Bella. When Bill’s wife Beverley died a few years ago, the father and daughter were left with Bev’s huge collection of dolls – one thousand of them, in fact.

The dolls are located in almost every room, dominating the interiors and hiding any of the home’s charm.


The project

While Peter Walsh takes Bill and Fiona offsite to sort through the clutter, Cherie Barber tackles the challenge of freshening up the dated interiors in just two days.

Nothing had been touched since Bill and Beverley built the home back in the 1960s, so it’s a renovation designed to take the family into the next chapter of their lives.

Cherie’s work starts with stripping out the existing furnishings, including 50-year-old wallpaper and ancient carpet, which was hiding beautiful original timber floors underneath.

To complement the new modern interiors, Cherie calls in the experts from Wynstan to help her choose the right window dressings.

She opts for the soft and subtle combination of Veri Shades and Vision Blinds. Veri Shades are beautiful curved fabric vanes with a unique design that provides the elegance and functionality of a blind and the privacy of a curtain. These soft vanes allow just the sort of diffused light the room needs, while the Vision Blinds provide total control over privacy and light.

 “I can’t wait for the end result,” says Bill’s other daughter Melissa, who helps with the reno. “It’s absolutely exhilarating.”

The final result

The tears continue to flow when the family views the transformed home, now a modern and warm space the whole family can enjoy.

“It looks amazing,” says an emotional Fiona. “It’s beautiful; so soft and warm. We will want to spend more time together inside now.”

Even the normally taciturn Bill is impressed. “It’s overwhelming to see what’s been done inside,” he says. “It’s unreal.”

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Space Invaders

Channel Nine launched their newest lifestyle reality show, Space Invaders. Renovation queen Cherie Barber, declutter guru Peter Walsh and treasure hunter Lucas Callaghan embark on a journey to declutter the homes of Aussie Families and ultimately transform their lives! Wynstan is a proud sponsor for all window furnishings on Space Invaders, explore the incredible before and after shots below!

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