Space Invaders – Episode 6

Lighter, brighter and calmer – that’s the effect of Wynstan’s stunning Veri Shades®, chosen as part of a fresh new look for the home of single mum Faye and daughter Maddison.

Single mum Faye is given a new lease of life when the Space Invaders team helps her to clear out clutter and renovate her bedroom.

The sixth episode in Channel 9’s new TV show, Space Invaders, is all about helping single mum Faye make a fresh start. The expert team of clutter guru Peter Walsh, reno queen Cherie Barber and treasure hunter Lucas Callaghan has been called in by Faye’s daughter Maddison to help save her from mess and chaos.

Faye has not been coping well since her marriage of 31 years ended and the Space Invader experts are there to help.

“When you need to make a fresh start, getting in and renovating your home, making it feel brand new again is a great way to do just that,” says Cherie.


Faye and Maddison’s story

Faye’s problems with clutter started after the separation from her husband, and now, a year later, the mess is threatening to take over her home – and life.

The main focus of this episode is Faye’s bedroom, which has not been used for a year.

The project
While Peter takes Faye through the task of reducing clutter, reno queen Cherie tackles the renovation – bringing new light and airiness into the home and making Faye’s home somewhere she actually wants to spend time in again.

“If Fay is starting over, then her bedroom should get a fresh start too,” says Cherie. “I am ripping everything out and starting again.”

First stop is removing the ugly dark curtains, which make the room even darker.
Next, freshly painted white walls transform the dark and gloomy bedroom into a calming space.

Wynstan provides the perfect window dressing for Faye’s bedroom – understated and elegant timber Venetian Blinds, in white to match the new, lighter look of the room. These blinds are great for bedrooms, because they can provide both privacy and light control, depending on your needs at the time.

The blinds are paired with Wynstan’s beautiful Veri Shades®, which are stunning curved fabric vanes that provide the elegance and functionality of a blind and the privacy of a curtain – a soft and practical solution perfect for the new elegant aesthetic of Faye’s renovated home.

“The new colour is just making this room feel entirely different,” says Cherie. “I am loving it so far.”

The final result
Returning home from the hall where she sorted out her clutter with Peter, Faye can’t believe the transformation in her home, particularly her bedroom, now bathed in a soft, calming light thanks to the Veri Shades.

“I am in shock,” says an emotional Faye. “It’s just so elegant and fresh. I love it!”

“This room reminds me of nothing but looking forward. Everything is perfect.”




Veri Shades: Mist

                                                                                                                                                           Timber Venetians: Nu Shade White

Y wait?
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Space Invaders

Channel Nine launched their lifestyle reality show, Space Invaders where Renovation queen Cherie Barber, declutter guru Peter Walsh and treasure hunter Lucas Callaghan embark on a journey to declutter the homes of Aussie Families and ultimately transform their lives! Wynstan is a proud sponsor for all window furnishings on Space Invaders, explore the incredible before and after shots in the series!

Check back weekly for tips and tricks, before and afters as well as all the products featured in each episode!

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