Space Invaders – Episode 10

The Space Invaders team helps a busy family of 10 rediscover calm and peace in their renovated home, with some help from Wynstan.

Super achievers Arielle and Mark – parents of eight kids, clinical psychologist and builder – have become overwhelmed with the clutter that comes with having a large family.

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“Never in our wildest dreams did I think we could ever get our house to look the way it does"

Arielle and Mark’s story

Things get pretty busy in the home of Arielle and Mark – so it is not surprising that clutter and home maintenance have taken a back seat to everyday life. With eight children and two demanding careers, there’s not a lot of time left.

Builder Mark has developed a medical condition that means he needs to rest frequently and isn’t able to help around the house as much as he would like to. Arielle works three days a week in a high-stress job as a clinical psychologist and the juggle is real.

Enter the Space Invaders experts – clutter guru Peter Walsh, reno queen Cherie Barber and treasure hunter Lucas Callaghan – who are all blown away by the high-achieving couple and happy to help them get their lives under control.


The project

Reno expert Cherie has a lot of work to do in just four days. While Peter takes the family off-site to sort through their clutter, Cherie renovates the top floor of the family house, which includes two kids’ bedrooms, master bedroom, home office and the family bathroom, which is no longer usable.

She wants to create a calm and peaceful space to provide the family with a much-needed haven.

She starts with the broken bathroom, which has forced all 10 family members to use the one downstairs, with chaotic results.


The new white and green palette reflects the sweeping district views from the top floor. Wynstan’s white Timber-look Venetians are chosen in the bathroom because of their practicality. Simple to use, they control both light and all-important privacy.

As well as being more affordable, Timber Look Venetians are made from materials with higher moisture tolerance, perfect for use in wet areas such as bathrooms.

For the window dressings on the rest of the floor, Cherie chooses Wynstan’s Roller Blinds with a great pattern – Palm – throughout to provide a dash of colour and fun.

“I’m keeping my green theme running through the entire floor so we get that beautiful connection with the nearby National Park,” explains Cherie.

The final result

The new tidy and serene rooms are a huge hit with the family when they return home. The study is not just clutter-free, but the extra storage has turned it into a well-organised home office.

“It’s so beautiful,” says Arielle. “Everything I could have hoped for.”

The bright and modern bathroom means the daily queue is cut in half, while the pretty pink of the girls’ bedroom is beautifully balanced by the leafy Palm Roller Blinds.

The same blinds are used to great effect in the renovated master bedroom, where the frazzled parents can now escape. A teary Arielle is full of smiles.

“Never in our wildest dreams did I think we could ever get our house to look the way it does,” she says. “It’s just out of this world.”

Y wait?

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Space Invaders

Channel Nine launched their lifestyle reality show Space Invaders where Renovation queen Cherie Barber, declutter guru Peter Walsh and treasure hunter Lucas Callaghan embark on a journey to declutter the homes of Aussie Families and ultimately transform their lives! Wynstan is a proud sponsor for all window furnishings on Space Invaders, explore the incredible before and after shots in the series!

Check back weekly for tips and tricks, before and afters as well as all the products featured in each episode!

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